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Mozambique is one of the largest power producers in the SADC region. It is also a member of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). The industry is regulated by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (Mozambique).

The main electricity authority is Electricidade de Mozambique (EDM), established by the state in 1977, two years after independence. There are also other companies that produce and distribute electricity. Operations at Cahora Bassa, on the south side of the Zambezi River, are operating at higher capacities following restoration of the DC transmission line from Cahora Bassa to South Africa by EDM and Eskom, the South African power utility. Other large hydro power plants in Mozambique have continued to operate at less than full capacity, including Mavuzi (44.5 MW effective capacity out of 52 MW nominal capacity); Chicamba (34 MW of 38.4 MW); and Corumana (14 of 16.6 MW).

Mozambique is seeking to boost power output as demand grows in South Africa. The country also needs to meet a national growing demand from a planned titanium plant and a possible future expansion to an aluminium plant.

Mozambique Electricity Utilities

Electricidade de Mozambique (EDM): is the main electricity authority in Mozambique. It is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa: is a company jointly owned by Portugal (82%) and Mozambique (18%) and the biggest hydroelectric scheme in Southern Africa.

Plans & Projects

EDM is facing power demand growth at a rate around 8% per year, owing to the accelerated economic growth rate of the country. A national effort has been made to expand and intensify new household connections, thus some power projects have been initiated.

Key Figures

  • Electricity Produced: 15.91 billion KWh (2007)
  • Electricity Consumed: 10.16 billion KWh (2007)
  • Electricity Exported: 11.82 billion KWh (2008)
  • Electricity Imported: 8.278 billion KWh (2008)

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