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Digital Driving License

In another deal with an African government, Digimarc signed an agreement to produce Mozambique’s new digital driving licenses in 2007. The system was delivered, in partnership with technology supplier Face Technologies, to the government’s Administracao Nacional de Estradas (ANE).

It incorporates Digimarc secure enrolment products, such as the Digimarc Camera Tower, which has a shadow-reduction system to strengthen the process of capturing reliable applicant identity information, and Digimarc ExianDual card architecture, a proprietary high-security card solution for issuing driving licenses over-the-counter driver license issuance.

Mozambique Biometric Passports

The Mozambican immigration authorities have rejected the first biometric passports produced by the Belgian company, Semlex in 2010. The quality of the first passports produced by Semlex was so poor that the government has demanded improvements. However, a month later, Semlex re-issued the new version of the biometric passports after having corrected all the mistakes.

Biometric Voting

Face Technologies implemented a biometric voter registration platform for the local, provincial and national elections in Mozambique. The government has chosen biometrics to prevent duplicate votes and to ensure the democratic environment.

Face Technologies, a world market leader in business solutions for effective identification focusing on biometrics, partnered with smart card technologies based in South Africa, and QiSQi, leading player in biometric services and manufacturing of secure documents.

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